Account Executive at Ketra Inc, 

I believe that human evolution developed alongside our relationship to light. When we think about the spaces we live in, and our ability to foster and create memories within them, we are naturally drawn to the physical experiences of those spaces; what did they FEEL like? Were they colorful and vibrant in a way that stimulating your senses? Were they soft, warm rays of firelight and moonlight draped in shadow? 
During the day, we need even more control and quality to be sun-like. We need light that can balance the purity, and cool-white light of the sun. All I'm really saying is that lighting technology has finally caught up to human evolution, and our ability to deliver comfortable, human-centric, and beautiful light is actually achievable through LED technology. 

Account Management is about building relationships with people, and good relationships are built built with effective communication and trust. The ability to manage projects that involve multiple parties and millions of dollars, and in my world this means Architects, Lighting Designers, Builders, Electricians, installers, strategic partners, building owners... What really matters is that the people you've connected trust you and each other to deliver each piece of the puzzle.

I also like to make weird music, road cycling, cooking, and taking Moro to the dog park, she's a really good girl.


Some lo-fi covers I made for Laura

Collaboration with Austin on vox+gtr, Nathan on drums, me on bass+lead gtr+backup vox

My last real band's 1st go at an EP - Mount Saint Elias, me on bass

Weird computer music I made with Tim in college